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Magnetic Therapy, The Facts (and Some Myths)

by. Barry Dench  

Is magnet therapy regarded yet as a mainstream therapy? I consider it is not and through this series of articles I hope to raise awareness by examining a number of issues that have stood in the way of mass acceptance. 

There is a useful parallel to be drawn between magnetic therapy and acupuncture. Acupuncture today is an accepted alternative therapy but 20 or 30 years ago it was regarded with deep suspicion. So what has happened to make it so popular now that many conventional health clinics have a professional acupuncturist on hand to provide the therapy? 

Well, the passage of time has allowed communication of the obvious benefits actual patients have enjoyed by having a wide variety of symptoms relieved. If one reads the information available at the science behind acupuncture is still largely theoretical and involves “the common ground shared among meridian system, chakra system and modern sciences” Basically, acupuncture is a successful discipline that encourages the body to heal itself. 

(It is worth noting here that the general description of what acupuncture does, includes words such as “electromagnetic fields” and “polarity”. Terms which also are used in any consideration of magnetic therapy.) 

So, acupuncture has become accepted mainly because of anecdotal results and any number of successful blind trials. Virtually the same situation that magnetic therapy finds itself in today! 

The ‘sceptics’ and ‘doubters’ will tell you there is no basis on which magnet therapy can work; but they said the same words with regard to acupuncture all those years ago. They will tell you there is no clinical proof that magnetic therapy does anything. This too is untrue, but like anything it depends on how tests are carried out and what is being measured. 

It is also good to keep in mind; these are both ‘alternative therapies’. Alternative, to what? To the medical and veterinary establishment who maintain they have the monopoly on curing all biological bodies with drugs and surgery and radiation. (I acknowledge there are dedicated individual health professionals and vets, who do have wellness as their main priority for us and our animals.) There have been many occasions down the ages when new innovations and discoveries have been discredited by those with a vested interest in their failure. 

Further fuel for the sceptics and doubters rhetoric is that there are many companies and individuals ‘out there’ who, looking to jump on a band, will sell you a product that may be totally inappropriate for your needs. ‘Dealers’ who sell magnetic therapy items have, in my experience little or no knowledge of how the therapy works or able to provide help and advice as to the correct application. It is these people who generally cannot be bothered to find out, will tell you, “it is not known why magnets work only that they do”. This is untrue and in my next article I will examine why and how magnets effect the functioning of the biological body. 

--About The Author--

Barry Dench is a qualified electrical engineer, who in 1996 used his knowledge of magnetism to research the effects of magnetic fields on the biological body.

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10 Smart Shopping Tips To Protect Your Family From Getting Sick

by. Terry Nicholls  

Prevention of food poisoning starts with your trip to the supermarket. Here's how to start off safely. 

1. Pick up your packaged and canned foods first. Buy cans and jars that look perfect. Don’t buy canned goods that are dented, cracked or bulging. These are the warning signs that dangerous bacteria may be growing in the can. 

2. Look for any expiration dates on the labels and never buy outdated food. Likewise, check the "use by" or "sell by" date on dairy products such as cottage cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, and sour cream and pick the ones that will stay fresh longest in your refrigerator. 

3. Check eggs, too. Choose eggs that are refrigerated in the store. Before putting them in your cart, open the carton and make sure that the eggs are clean and none are cracked or broken. 

4. Raw meat, poultry, and seafood sometimes drip. The juices that drip may have germs. Keep these juices away from other foods. Put raw meat, poultry, and seafood into plastic bags before they go into the cart. Separate raw meat, poultry, and seafood from other foods in your grocery shopping cart and in your refrigerator. 

5. Don't buy frozen seafood if the packages are open, torn or crushed on the edges. Avoid packages that are above the frost line in the store's freezer. If the package cover is transparent, look for signs of frost or ice crystals. This could mean that the fish has either been stored for a long time or thawed and re-frozen. 

6. Check for cleanliness at the meat or fish counter and the salad bar. For instance, cooked shrimp lying on the same bed of ice as raw fish could become contaminated. 

7. When shopping for shellfish, buy from markets that get their supplies from state-approved sources; stay clear of vendors who sell shellfish from roadside stands or the back of a truck. And if you're planning to harvest your own shellfish, heed posted warnings about the water's safety. 

8. Pick up milk, frozen foods, and perishables (meat, poultry, fish) last. Always put these products in separate plastic bags so that drippings don't contaminate other foods in your shopping cart. 

9. Drive immediately home from the grocery store. This will give cold or frozen food less time to warm up before you get home. If the destination is farther away than 30 minutes, bring a cooler with ice or commercial freezing gels from home and place perishables in it. 

10. Save hot chicken and other hot foods for last, too. This will give them less time to cool off before you get home. 

Copyright (c) Terry Nicholls. All Rights Reserved.

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Alternative Therapy And Your Health

 by. Laurie J. Raphael  

When it comes to your health, you can never be too careful. With that in mind, many people cannot decide whether or not alternative therapy is a good decision for them. After all, you cannot afford to do something that is not going to treat your illness with the proper level of success. Luckily, there has been a lot of information published on alternative therapy over the past few years. Additionally, since more and more patients are using these therapies, you will have a much better chance of finding detailed information on what you need to make an educated decision. 

All in all, when you decide to try out an alternative therapy, you are putting your health at risk. But with that being said, the same thing holds true with any type of treatment that you are going through. Generally speaking, there is no way of knowing for sure what type of treatment is going to work for you. Most people who look into alternative therapy are those who have had no success with more traditional methods of medicine in the past. If this sounds like you, there is no reason to not try out alternative therapy. Just make sure that you get in touch with a good alternative therapy doctor, and then take their advice on how you should move forward. 

The bottom line is that alternative therapy can help to treat certain illnesses. This is not to say that they are guaranteed to work, but many people swear by them. You may feel a bit apprehensive when it comes to starting an alternative therapy treatment, and this is not uncommon. As long as you know what you are getting yourself into, and you are comfortable with your decision, there is nothing wrong with giving an alternative therapy a try.

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Hair Loss, Hair Care Tips, Home Remedies and Products!

by. Ashley Green  

A healthy lifestyle supplemented with proper diet is the magic key for healthy and beautiful hair. But our fast paced life generally doesnt allow us to follow it. But these hair care tips along with some hair care products might just do the trick for you. 

Hair Care Tips and Products 

. Hair Spray: Chop one lemon (or an orange for dry hair). Place in a pot with two cups water. Boil until half of the initial amount remains. Cool, strain, and place in a spray bottle. Store in refrigerator. If it is too sticky, add more water. Add one ounce of alcohol as a preservative and thenthe spray can be stored for up to two weeks unrefrigerated. 

. Hair Cocktail: 

. For instant shine: Lightly beat two eggs mixed with some milk and run throuigh your hair. Leave on for five minutes, rinse and you will see a shine instantly. 

. For Dandruff: Dissolve two aspirins in your dandruff shampoo and watch how it clears up. Use a good moisturizing conditioner afterward. 

. For greasy hair: Use face powder. Put a little at the root of your hair before straying. If it is a serious problem, put the powder on heavily for 15 minutes wash completely, condition lightly, and style. 

. Sweet shine: Honey applied in a small amount while washing the hair will give you a great shine. 

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. For Dry Hair: 

For dry hair, increase the intake of polyunsaturated oils such as sunflower oil, margarine and eat food rich in Vitamin B like pulses, brown rice, bananas etc 

Tip: Avoid Salty foods. 

. For Oily Hair: 

Mix equal amounts of aloe vera gel and shampoo, plus a tablespoon of lemon juice. Diet for Oily Hair: Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, salads and fresh fruit. 

Tip: Avoid fried and greasy foods. Also say no to red meat. 

. Home remedy for Falling Hair: 

Take 10-15 leaves of the large Ber fruit. Burn them in mustard oil, make a paste and apply on your hair for 1 hour and then wash it. This remedy surely works and prevents hair loss for almost everyone. 

Tip: Never sleep in a tight braid or ponytail. Never brush wet hair too. It is always advisable to let your hair dry naturally than to use any heating equipment. These practices can cause hair breakage or loss of hair over time.

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Protein and Weight Loss - Is there any Relation in these

by. Dr John Anne  

Now it has become a trend that we all are trying to switch on to low carb diet. It occurs mainly due to the fact that high protein diet actually enhances weight loss. A recent British study confirmed that there is a strong correlation between diet high in protein and weight loss. The study also said that the diet high in protein triggers in releasing hormone that influences weight loss. 

Protein consumption in diet ensures the release of PYY hormone that reduces the hunger. Researchers argued that high protein foods start out PYY secretion better than other foods. Scientific studies also suggest that PYY should be an integral part of weight reduction plan. Theoretically, as because a proportionate relation exists between protein and weight loss, therefore an obese individual must eat more calories to trigger PYY compared to a normal weight individual. 

Typically, we avoid high calorie food to maintain healthy balance in life. But the truth is if we do not get enough protein in our diet, we may suffer from varieties of health complications. Lack of protein in our regular diet may cause harm to all the organs - from the heart to kidney. It also causes weaker immune system; hence our health may be affected by a variety of diseases. 

The amount of protein in the diet depends essentially on three factors - sex, age and weight. However, for normal adult man and normal adult woman the daily protein intake would be 56 grams per day and 46 grams per day respectively. 

About Weight Loss 

In recent years, there are few high-protein diet programs available in the market claiming for weight loss. However, supports received from the diet gurus and health practitioners are generally inclined with the low calorie diet rather the high-protein ones. 

However, the relation between protein and weigh loss is not appreciated by each and every research fellow. It is said that low carb diets are mainly linked up with reduced calorie intake and increased diet timing but not with decreased carbohydrate content. 

The essential feature of low-carb high-protein diet is rapid weight loss. But it is viewed from a different perspective by the skeptics. They rejected the theory about the relation between the diet high in protein and weight loss and argued that it occurs mainly due to the fact of excessive urination. When the body makes up inadequate supply of dietary carbohydrates, it uses body's own carbohydrates stored in the liver and kidney. During this process, the water is mobilized. The mobilized water is then discharged from the body in the form of urine. Hence the rapid weight loss occurs at the initial stages high-protein diet. 

Substituting few dietary carbohydrates with high-protein diet may lead to significant short term weight loss benefits. But the condition says that the diet must be low-fat one as well. Protein and weight loss may become a trendy topic in these days because of its known results contributing to rapid weight loss. But some scientific researches have shown some long term disadvantages as well. Therefore, a slow but certain weight loss can be ensured with a healthy high fiber, moderate protein and low fat plan. This is not a short term plan but a way of healthy living that we can maintain throughout of our lives. 

Disadvantages of too much protein 

Although, the relation between diet rich in protein and weight loss has become a up-to-the-minute topic in today's health discussion, but we should remember that high protein may imply high fat as well. So there is always a high risk for increasing LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol levels with high protein intake. Hence, there is high possibility for cardiac problems. High protein may imply low fiber as well. Low fiber diet is not at all healthy. If we use it on a regular basis, there is an increased possibility of getting constipated, increased risk of cancer, obesity, cardiac problem and type-2 diabetes. 

--About The Author--

Dr. John Anne is an herbal specialist with years of experience and extensive research on herbs and alternative health.

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Vitamin E and Lung Cancer Prevention

by: News Canada  

(NC)-Lung cancer, the most preventative of all human cancers, remains the leading cause of cancer death for both men and women. Several studies have shown that vitamin E supplementation is associated with a lower risk of developing lung cancer in non-smokers. Unfortunately, the same benefit was not seen in smokers. The most effective health action for smokers is still to stop smoking. 

It is believed that the beneficial effect of vitamin E is a consequence of its antioxidant role, which may be enhanced when taken in combination with other antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta-carotene and selenium. All of these nutrients are available in a quality multivitamin such as Centrum®, available in your local pharmacy. 

--About The Author--

News Canada provides a wide selection of current, ready-to-use copyright free news stories and ideas for Television, Print, Radio, and the Web.

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Tips for successful weight loss

by: Annette Croft  

Throughout my childhood and teenage years I watched as my mother tried every fad diet under the sun. I recall one time she ate boiled cabbage and nothing else for a whole week. I felt my mothers’ frustration and misery, however I could not understand why it was so difficult for her to lose weight and keep it off – until that is I became a weight management coach. 

For the past two years I have been assisting people to achieve their ideal weight and in this time I have experienced what contributes to a successful weight loss story. 

Getting serious 

It all starts with you and how serious you are about losing weight. The key to successful weight loss is partly dependent on your level of commitment. How would you rate your seriousness on a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being deadly serious)? 

No quick fix 

If you have made the commitment to get serious about losing weight then you need to make the commitment to do it safely and effectively. One piece of invaluable advice my own family doctor passed onto me is that slow and steady is always the best option. The longer it takes you to lose weight the less likely you are to put it back on. 

Staying motivated 

Always keep the end in mind! Write down all of the reasons why you are motivated to lose weight now. Record these reasons on a piece of card that can be kept in your wallet or purse. Each morning and before going to bed remind yourself by reading aloud why you are motivated to lose weight. 

Facing challenges 

Every day you are likely to face challenges, which can disrupt your focus and get in the way of your weight loss goals. Write down all of the challenges that you know have made losing weight hard for you in the past. This will help you to develop a better strategy this time. Three common challenges are lack of results, boredom and lack of support from spouse, family and friends. 

Choosing a weight control program 

I recommend choosing a diet / weight control program that offers all of the following for best results: 
-Provides a balanced nutritious program that is safe and effective 
-Support system and regular progress follow-up 
-Teaches you better eating habits 
-Teaches you how to maintain your weight once you have reached your goal weight 

--About The Author--

Annette Croft has been assisting people reach their ideal weight for two years with the aid of a nutritious, simple and convenient weight management program.

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